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These four operating units, together with the three advisory units, will serve to counter balance competing interests and thereby inaugurate a new form of service motivated corporate governance.

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1 — Foundation (Educational)

F Educational Foundation: Establisher As the first cornerstone in FACT, the Foundation will highlight the relationship emphasis and the balanced perspective contained in the original Gospel of Jesus. It will extend this essential truth as a Grand Parable (GP) wherever possible and across the Ascension University through a College of Revealed Cosmology (CRC ( This collegial …

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2 — Association (Ministerial)

A Ministerial Association: Servicer As the second cornerstone in FACT, the Association will be a membership organization serving our Beloved Sovereign through the building of authentic community while engaging in loving service to a greater humanity. The Ministry will engage in helpful activity to harmonize our Spiritual Discipleship and promote growth. It will build a highly …

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Building the Aevia Entrepreneurial Commission

3 — Commission (Entrepreneurial)

C Entrepreneurial Commission: Producer As the third cornerstone in FACT, the Commission will manage the group’s research and development efforts while advocating and incubating the Creatives FACTORY. It will promote the workforce development efforts of the Aevia Group and build the Aevia Institutes of Management (AIM ( within Ascension University. Through the Experience Bank (EXB ( …

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4 — Trust (Charitable)

T Charitable Trust: Conservator As the fourth cornerstone in FACT, the Trust will preserve inviolate the emphasis, the fixed purpose and the adduced objectives embodied in the Aevia Precepts. It will coordinate and support the educational, ministerial and entrepreneurial components that constitute the charitable services in FACT. It will manage the endowments committed to its care …

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The Aevia Group is best understood at the component level in the context of, and as analogous to, a benevolence engine driving a creatives factory. The engine is people of good will working in a highly coordinated way as they borrow the best from a production factory infrastructure. The structure is further defined through the …

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