3 — Commission (Entrepreneurial)

C Entrepreneurial Commission: Producer

As the third cornerstone in FACT, the Commission will manage the group’s research and development efforts while advocating and incubating the Creatives FACTORY. It will promote the workforce development efforts of the Aevia Group and build the Aevia Institutes of Management (AIM (www.AeviaInstitutes.org)) within Ascension University. Through the Experience Bank (EXB (www.ExperienceBank.org)) and Living Crown Technologies (LCT (www.LivingCrown.org)), it will engage in research and development, facilitate technology transfer, generate services, create goods, and add value. It will support profitable initiatives that are designed to operate as service motivated enterprises. It will aggregate, develop and produce media assets for use in interactive, on-demand and broadcast applications in support of the Grand Parable and Ascension University. This entity will also foster certain Commission Sponsored Enterprises (CSEs) as appropriate.

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