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The Aevia Group is best understood at the component level in the context of, and as analogous to, a benevolence engine driving a creatives factory. The engine is people of good will working in a highly coordinated way as they borrow the best from a production factory infrastructure. The structure is further defined through the acronyms FACT, FACTOR, FACTORS and FACTORY. These symbols reflect conceptually distinct forms and levels of intrinsic and extrinsic engagement that are increasingly discernible once the group becomes well established as a charitable service in FACT; once the motivation FACTOR becomes an integral part of the calculation; once the FACTORS of loving service are carefully considered and once the role of each FACTORY component is thoroughly understood.

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Benevolence Engine

The Benevolence Engine is a symbolic representation of our highly motivated teams as they drive the creative process in accordance with the Aevia Group’s mission requirements and the Ascension University’s essential curriculum. Each individual team member is personally committed to the group’s educational, ministerial, and entrepreneurial function as defined by The Aevia Precepts and the …


Creatives Factory

Creative ways to teach individuals, entertain the masses, express ideas, solve problems, define purposes, and rehearse performances are all among the primary activities of the Creatives Factory. This virtual artist’s colony is composed of people who share one common purpose. To advance the high mission of art is to foreshadow a higher reality, reveal the …

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