Curricular Focus

The Directing Arc

A Curricular FocusWithin The Experience Bank Consultancy, our Curricular Focus Teams (CFTs) continuously survey the needs, problems and possibilities of learners advancing in an experiential universe. These teams engage in the progressive organization of subject matter while insuring the fine grain of dry facts is refined and augmented in a way that truly enhances meaning and value. The learner’s attitude, outlook and skill are thus modulated in ways that serve to enlarge experience through scientific inquiry.The challenges of this era have rocked the school room, the schedules, the classification schemes, the sequencing of requisites, and the rubrics of promotion. The hemispherics of the brain and the planet have turned a diversity, once grudgingly “celebrated,” into something leveraged; what is likely the world’s most important value proposition.And yet, democratization has definite limits. This becomes abundantly clear in any differential analysis of pedagogy, the way children learn, and andragogy, the way adults learn. Where the latter may demand active participation in the development of what is taught, children, by contrast, might lack the experience whereby they could make a meaningful contribution in terms of scope and sequence.

The same holds true in certain adult scenarios such as handling in-flight emergencies, hazardous materials spill response, or emergency room triage. In such situations substituting the reason and judgment of the highly experienced with that of the inexperienced could prove disastrous.

Cognitive demand must therefore draw upon a knowledge base that is experience conditioned. Whether this is a personal, internal intellectual process, or through accessing an electro-mechanical shared repository, there are common elements in the way information is naturally structured. The sage on the stage, the guide on the side and the peer to peer immersion experience all draw upon a similar aggregation of facts.

Unimpeded cognitive demand is favored by an organized mind. Such a mind is nurtured rather than programmed. Healthy intellectual growth is fostered through the influence of facilitators, teachers, and colleagues that share the quality of coherence, a culture of benevolence, and enthusiasm for the whole ascension experience.


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