Quality Auditor

The Precision Assessment

The Quality AuditorThe Experience Bank’s Quality Auditor Program provides granular assessments and prescriptive solutions. Through this program we are able to engage in the process of helping to optimize your procedures at the point where inherence meets influence. It is essentially a content and delivery  focused form of due diligence that is an essential part of any program evaluation that may be conducted in support of a managed services initiative.

A big factor in any successful program is always one of asking the right questions. For example:

  • How effective is your recruitment plan?
  • Have you correctly identified the teachable moment?
  • Is your training compatible with your corporate culture?
  • Is your training consistent with, and informed by, the lessons learned through the corporate experience?

The Experience Bank Consultancy can help you to develop a comprehensive training program that is derived from best practices, gleaned from a collective experience, and delivered where it will do the most good.

We can help you to develop a Statement of Compliance, a Standard for Review and a Reporting Program that is useful for insuring customer satisfaction through quality encounters.

Whether your present focus is on providing independent reviews, promoting better inter-office synergies, or in keeping the customer satisfied. The Experience Bank Consultancy can help you to insure close encounters of the best kind. Our consultants are selected for their expertise in the language of the target market and their understanding of quality imperatives.

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