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Precision Instruction

Quality InstructionOrganizations exert influence in accordance with a variety of factors. These are usually, though not always, derived from a set of well defined objectives. The Experience Bank Consultancy can help you to exert a quality influence over your students or your workforce in accordance with your organizational imperatives.

It’s all about making the most of each encounter. It takes coordinated effort to turn a student into an alumni,  a lead into a prospect, a prospect into a customer, or a patron into a lifelong client.

The person to person encounter is our focus. The influential systems form our directing arc. Together they represent concentrated, coordinated, correlated, precisely directed influence. The Experience Bank Consultancy can help you in leveraging key relevance and to take full advantage of those precious and few tipping moments.


Your students and personnel sometimes need help to stay on task and on target. Precision instruction and remediation requires pinpoint accuracy. Let The Experience Bank Consultancy show you how to reach more of your associates, students, and prospects at less cost together with greater consistency and effectiveness.








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