The Living Crown

TLC LogoThe home is the crowning achievement of humankind. While it is basically a sociologic institution, it has also become society’s veritable foundation and the basic institution of human progress. It is widely recognized as civilization’s most useful creation. The Living Crown (TLC) project leverages enhanced knowledge and increased truth for improving the home and ennobling the home life. The Ascension University is also dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the home. For genuine science, philosophy and religion recognize the home as the culmination of the whole long and arduous evolutionary struggle.

At Ascension University we believe home building should be the center and the essence of all educational effort. Through TLC we’ve come to understand the close relationship between the homestead as nurturing infrastructure, the stable home environment, and what is often described as housing security. This emphasis manifests through the focus on evolving science, best practices, and continuous improvement within the product development effort. Alignment and integration within the Ascension University fields of study insures the academic initiatives are conditioned by real-world experience, and that the applied technology is always cutting edge.

The MiniMax projects immerse our designers in an understanding of just how a minimalist structure can support maximum functionality. The instructional and production processes are informed by certain catastrophic events involving some combination of seismic, water, and wind activity. In extreme cases, and in our recent history, such seismic anomalies and rising water, together with high winds have reduced what is arguably a family’s biggest investment to rubble. While we would like to make every home truly fireproof, flood proof, earthquake proof, hurricane proof, and tornado proof, nature’s awesome power makes this particular goal well nigh impossible.

We can, however, create structures that are highly resistant to the effects of violent extremes. Our rapid-deployment, fit-for-purpose product line features houses that float, rooms reinforced with carbon fiber, and suites that filter air and water through a unique circulatory system. They are energy efficient as well as energy independent depending on a wide array of options. They can be pressed into service as houseboats, in-law suites, safe-rooms, stand-alone cabins, and emergency shelters.

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