The MicroCosmos

The MicroCosmos (TMC) is a demonstration homestead making extensive use of techniques and devices that work well on a small scale. Sustainable practices are developed and validated through a focus on what can be achieved with great enthusiasm for living that just happens to be conditioned by limited resources.

The lessons learned here are shared, and are readily accessible, through three web logs known as the Aevia PostScripts. These include,, and The ongoing research effort is also an essential component of the Modular Agriculture curriculum that is currently being developed for a greater humanity. It will be offered through The Ascension University (AU).

Although there is some emphasis on a minimalist design philosophy, this is not intended to limit the scalability of the various projects. The microprocessor controlled systems that will be developed and tested, within the TMC, are essentially prototypes for a highly ambitious feed the world initiative. These will include the use of micro-solar, micro-hydro, and micro-biological techniques for boosting productivity in ways that reflect our research on the sustenance, the shelter, and the strivings that will serve humankind and effectively address its hierarchy of need.

The Ascension University is being built upon this hierarchy of need and what our curricular focus teams have identified as essential curricula. AU is a free, open source educational initiative supported by The Aevia Charitable Trust (The ACT).

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