Attitudinal and Behavioral Blasphemy

One of the greatest embarrassments to the faith is the masquerade. Those feigning reverence for all that Jesus taught and exemplified, while harboring attitudes and engaging in behaviors that make a mockery of those same ideals, are doing far more damage than good. This is Lucifer’s legacy. For the self-proclaimed God of Liberty has advanced an unbridled and fraudulent form of liberty that is, first and foremost, characterized by contempt for all things true, beautiful, and good.

The first casualty as a result of the Luciferian sophistries occurred within the minds of those with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Narcissism is clearly incompatible with Divine Truth. This was brought home in our recent history as Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, advanced the deception of his day. He said; “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” 

Once a person is fully vested in the lie, they are not likely to depart from it. And Goebbels addressed this with his description of just how the lie runs deep within the mind of the psychopath. On this he said; “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”

Goebbelian tactics are focused on the more animalistic among us. The emotionally charged and intellectually stunted are ripe for exploitation. Goebbels put it this way; “There was no point in seeking to convert the intellectuals. For intellectuals would never be converted and would anyway always yield to the stronger, and this will always be “the man in the street.” Arguments must therefore be crude, clear and forcible, and appeal to emotions and instincts, not the intellect. Truth was unimportant and entirely subordinate to tactics and psychology.”

As to the target demographic, likely to embrace his message, Goebbels zeroed in even further saying; “…the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.” He elaborated further on the nature of the message with a warning; “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

Goebbels revealed much about how the church and the state, together with the religious and political discourse of our time can be turned to resemble the arrogant effrontery displayed by Lucifer in the Court of Heaven. For Goebbels said: “We enter parliament in order to supply ourselves, in the arsenal of democracy, with its own weapons. If democracy is so stupid as to give us free tickets and salaries for this bear’s work, that is its affair. We do not come as friends, nor even as neutrals. We come as enemies. As the wolf bursts into the flock, so we come.”

Today’s insurrectionists are Goebbelian fundamentalists. They turn a deaf ear to the Jesusonian warning that “He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.” Instead they embrace the prescription offered by Goebbels when he said: “The masses need something that will give them a thrill of horror.” He also observed that “propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.” 

The FIBS tactic of leveraging Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear is a huge part of the Luciferian legacy and nowhere was it better articulated than within the Nazi propaganda machine. Goebbels focused on the street saying “Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.”

Consider the politics of today in light of Goebbels proclamation that “We shall reach our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to us as tradition, as education, and as human affection.”

Jesus famously said “By their fruits you shall know them.” We know the animalistic hoards that stormed the United States Capitol on January the 6th in 2021 produce the kind of strange fruit that Billie Holliday recorded a song about in 1939. She sang of a “pastoral scene of the gallant South – The bulgin’ eyes and the twisted mouth – Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh – Then the sudden smell of burnin’ flesh.”

John Wycliffe, for his translation of the Bible into Middle English, prefaced his work by writing “The Bible is about government of, by, and for the people.” Since that time counterfeit Christians have paid lip service to this essential biblical principle. They feign an affinity for democracy. And yet, the idea of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial democracy terrifies them. This is why the first casualty resulting from the Lucifer Rebellion was truth.

Jesus said: “This is my command, that you love one another as I have loved you.” Authentic Christians should take note. When we have such clear instructions from our Mission Commander, we need look no further for a clear and concise Mission Statement.

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