The Ascension Star

F = Educational Foundation

A = Ministerial Association

C = Entrepreneurial Commission

T = Charitable Trust

O = Defined Objects

S = Loving Service

R = Precise Rubrics

The Ascension Star symbolizes the activities and relationships within our service triad. In keeping with our desire to foster a science, a philosophy and a religion commensurate with the spiritual and intellectual development of human kind, we also honor the journey. While embracing some of the highest and best traditions of the past, we borrowed the basic design from ancient Chinese folklore. We then upgraded it to include certain recent innovations. Today, when we hear the words pole star, we think of celestial navigation. The original Chinese pole star was, to the ancients, a fascinating material object; an instrument that was believed to hold the essence of a concept. It had seven points on which to meditate and a hole in the center through which it was once thought that a person could “ascend to Heaven.”

Through their sequential focus on individual points of the star, various traditions ascribe a variety of high ideals and then blend them at its nexus to reveal a benevolent, nurturing cosmos and a call to action. It has been known as the Star of Babylon, the Pleiadian Star and it represented the seven attributes of a Druid. In ancient Egypt the pole star was at the crowing point; the pivot of the pole. Seven pole stars form a crown for the Supreme Being. For it is said His diadem predominates at the zenith of the starry heaven. In various places and at various times the seven point star has symbolized the seven then known planets, the seven alchemical metals, the seven Chakra points and the seven days of the week.

The rich symbolism associated with both celestial navigation and with the seven point guiding star reveals a history highlighting the human attempt to cultivate cosmic consciousness, to find God, and to be like him. This challenges us in positive ways. The ancient Sanskrit grammarian, Panini. defined the pole star as “a fixed point from which a departure takes place.” In Hindu Mythology, Dhruva was a prince blessed to eternal existence and glory as the Pole Star by Lord Vishnu.

In this life and on this planet, where our persuasions come from the North, East, West, South, Above, Below and Within; the three dimensional, seven point compass has perceived value in helping to focus our prayers and meditation; joining us as one with God, His Universe, and thus serving to remind us there is value in personal and spiritual transformation. For these reasons, the pole star became the pattern for our University logo. To this we engaged in a little bit of evolutionary and revelationary optimization while, of course, avoiding any trend towards idolatry. Our intent was to form a schematic of sorts; One supported by parabolic analogy.

The circles at the heart of the Ascension Star represent our three-in-one God (the Father, Son and Spirit) from whom we draw all of our breath, our hope and our inspiration. This first nuclear family manifests relationally to the extents of creation and this is reflected at the points of our star in various combinations as God the Sevenfold. Any encounter we may have at the outer reaches, spires or petals; or along the directing arc, is accompanied by a centripetal or gravitational influence towards the Center of All Things.

The second ring of the nucleus includes the primary unifying and coordinating qualities of our one/triune/sevenfold God; the Truth, Beauty and Goodness that embody God’s essence and form the drawstring of the Cosmos. At the Fresnel on the outer focusing ring of the nucleus, we suggest numerous background processes. Through animation we will symbolize the things, meanings and values of God permeating our evolving science, philosophy and religion while also facilitating comprehension of the grand parable.

Our grateful response to God’s love for us comes eventually in the form of the thoughts, words and deeds through which we express our faith. The various facets of our star represent the educational, ministerial and entrepreneurial initiatives, that are the substance of this unique charity, along with the objectives, statutes and fruitfulness that inform us along the way.