Countertop Garden

AeroGrow International, Inc. was founded in July of 2002 to develop and market the world’s first hydroponic kitchen-crop appliance for the mass-consumer market. Funded with $5 million of initial capital, it has 1 issued U.S. patent, 10 U.S. patents pending, and 2 pending international patent applications.

The AeroGrow Kitchen Garden has been designed for the mass-consumer market and uses a new, patent-pending technology to create a self-watering, self-feeding, high-yield “Smart Garden.” The Kitchen Garden is intended to provide a fun, convenient, simple-to-use way to enjoy an ongoing, year-round supply of tasty, organic, vine-ripened herbs, vegetables, and tomatoes, ripe from the garden in homes, apartments and offices, regardless of climate and space restrictions.

Tooling Up for Hydroponics

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