Definition: exhibiting mature qualities at an unusually early age

• The grim fact is that we prepare for war like precocious giants, and for peace like retarded pygmies. — Lester “Mike” Bowles Pearson (1897-1972) Canadian diplomat
• What might be taken for a precocious genius is the genius of childhood. When the child grows up, it disappears without a trace. It may happen that this boy will become a real painter some day, or even a great painter. But then he will have to begin everything again, from zero. — Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973) Spanish painter

Comment: This quality usually refers to a person with unusual intelligence. But it also applies to any other quality. Although it is attributed to a young person, if you demonstrate a quality now that is not ordinarily acquired until later (like wisdom), you may be considered precocious.
     Many insights are so complicated that even a single aha moment is a precocious moment.