Introducing Your Thesis Advisor

In November of 2008, the Lead Trustee for the soon to be established Aevia Charitable Trust (The ACT), gave a talk on the carryover from person to person, or from one generation to another, that permits us to stand on the shoulders of greatness. The talk included the following statement:

“The scientific quest, the curiosity that leads to adventure and discovery yields knowledge that guides us along useful and progressive paths of physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. The collaborative urge, the desire to socialize and the ability to harmonize all point to a Spirit of Counsel prompting the exchange of ideas and opinions as we learn to cooperate for mutual benefit. Such an endowment transcends natural law and provides further evidence of mind ministry.

The religious impulse serves to differentiate the soul deprived creature from those with the capacity to appreciate origins. The worshipful expressions of the appreciative individual create deep channels through which wisdom may flow. And this wisdom yields even greater appreciation. And so we come full circle to the rolling tides. A process that favors the granularity, particularity and the specificity from which meaningful constructs and useful value propositions are built.”

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