Mental Health Policy

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In this segment, we continue our discussion with Ramona Johnson. This time focusing on mental health in light of public policy .

Among the points raised in this segment are the dynamics that play in the policy arena. There are economic considerations. For example, the person who is so depressed they become a no call no show at work, adversely affects our country’s overall competitiveness. Even so, the self-interest priorities held by certain politicians who view those with mental health challenges as non-voters, are not likely to change until the electorate makes it clear they must change.

And then there are the statistics: 25% of the American population at some point in their lifetime, will experience emotional, mental, or behavioral health problems while only 10% of the people who have mental health problems actually get the help they need in order to recover and go back to working, living, learning, socializing, doing all the things that we take for granted as part of our lives.

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