Shouting Fire!

Just why is it considered criminal to yell “fire” in a movie theatre? While the applicable law within various locales is nuanced, the common thread is that people rely on the word of the screamer to their detriment. Clearly, when the screamer deliberately misleads people, in a way that is the proximate cause for crush injuries and death, they should be held accountable for such an unconditioned and unintelligent exercise use of their free speech rights.

When we were children and if we were fortunate enough to have good parents, we learned early on that when privileges are abused we can lose them. I once had a really good dog that I had named Klaatu. He was named after the interstellar policeman in a movie titled The Day the Earth Stood Still. The essential message behind that ingenious movie was the axiomatic principle that, ideally, diminishing external external restraints are linked to augmenting internal restraints.

There are people on our planet that operate in accordance with the Luciferian belief that there should be no restraints; ever. They advocate for a counterfeit form of liberty that is unintelligent, unconditioned, and uncontrolled. What they push for is more properly defined as taking license rather than enjoying the gift of liberty. True liberty is always mindful of the affect any exercise of liberty would have on others. Though who have fought for liberty are fighting against tyranny that is seen, by the tyrant, as simply taking liberties.

The early Luciferian and more contemporary Goebbelian tactics are based upon the latter’s declaration that “If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.” Goebbels also said that: We shall reach our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to us as tradition, as education, and as human affection.” Now consider that in the words of Donald Trump Junior as he addressed the Turning Point convention in December of 2021.

Junior told the crowd that the scriptures are essentially a manual for suckers. The teachings of Jesus have “gotten us nothing.” It’s worse than that, really; the ethic of Jesus has gotten in the way of successfully prosecuting the culture wars against the left. If the ethic of Jesus encourages sensibilities that might cause people in politics to act a little less brutally, a bit more civilly, with a touch more grace? Then it needs to go.”

This contest between Luciferian and Jesusonian principle is now playing out in our schools, our churches, and within the halls of government. Many of the politicians who profess a faith apparently don’t believe in God’s justice. They act in ways and encourage others to act in ways that are clearly antithetical to almost everything Jesus taught and exemplified. They live by the sword, they champion unmitigated selfishness, and they seem intent on causing the little ones to stumble.

On this last point, they feign concern for the unborn while fighting against any program that would advance pre-natal care, provide supplemental nutrition assistance, support early childhood education, fund basic college education, and just about anything that might serve the highest and best interests of new generations.

They are the advocates for unbridled greed, complaining about inflation while enabling the kind of price gouging that causes it. They go a-whoring for any corporation that is willing to pay them. And this includes the ones where those our nation’s founders called “foreign potentates” have a controlling interest in the company; a company that, thanks to our addled Supremes, have unfettered free speech rights. Then the prevaricating politicians whine about foreign interference in our elections.

They rage against socialism just as their donors privatize profits while offloading the cost of doing business onto the rank and file taxpayer. Their dumbed-down interpretation of the cardinal precept “provide for the common defense,” gives them license to fight on the side of microscopic foes during a global pandemic while also gutting the nation’s economy on behalf of the military industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. They wear their hypocrisy as a badge of distinction, in which they vest tremendous pride.

The Luciferians operate in accordance with a playbook that wasn’t written by Joseph Goebbels or his protege’s Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson or any of the other latter day prevaricators. The dystopian future they advance was made possible by Supreme Court Justices that love dark money. Their values are abhorrent. And while God covers himself in light, politicians cover themselves in lies and any other form of deception that can be brought to bear.

While the act may be ours; the consequences are God’s. There are those who will faithfully follow in the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There are others that long ago traded their witness for a masquerade. They have been actively promoting reckless indifference to the truth in ways that support the planet’s ongoing orgy of darkness and death. There will be a time when their grandchildren have blown through the money and developed some situational awareness. History will judge today’s politicians without the dollar skew.

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