An Elegant 3d Printer Design

The math is a bit trickier. But, hey, at least there are no moving parts to wear out in isomorphism. Whether you’re printing human organs or wall sections for building construction, chances are you’ve spent some time thinking about a gantry system. All things considered, a Rostock based 3d printer inspires through a performance that … Read more

Re-inventing the Wheel

If you’ve never explored the Thingiverse, perhaps the best place to start is with the wheel. This is very highly customizable wheel in the way of an OpenSCAD file with 46 parameters that provides a limitless set of combinations and wheel designs. In addition to the spoke options you see here, ou can select tread designs, … Read more

Making the Case for Open Source

No one makes a better case for open source hardware and software than the manufacturer of a high-priced, high-end CNC mill like the Mori Seiki NV5000 A/40. Even if you own the machine outright, if you move it at all, a GPS and gyro sensor package in the machine will automatically shut it down and … Read more

Open-Source, Software-Defined Radio Platform

Nuand has employed Lime Microsystems’ programmable RF silicon for its bladeRF, which – the two companies say – takes open-source RF hardware into the mainstream Lime’s field programmable RF chip, the LMS6002D, has been adopted for Nuand’s bladeRF, a Kickstarter-funded open source software defined radio. Following Myriad RF and Fairwaves, this is the third open … Read more

Sunlight Where You Need It

SunnyBot is about the size of a large desk lamp and is equipped with an on-board mirror that continuously adjusts to reflect the sun’s rays on a chosen area. It is integrated with a dual-axis microcomputer that’s powered by a row of solar cells and comes with an optional feedback system. The device redirects 7,000 … Read more

Heads Up! Smart Glass is Here!

Forget your smartphone, shelve the tablet, and clear your desktop for something useful. Those great looking sunglasses may be your key to Cognitive Demand. It’s not enough for Google, Microsoft, and others to be in your face. They want to be on your face! Microsoft plans to deliver “augmented reality” – where data and illustrations … Read more

‘Homemade’ 3d Printer

Coffman High School teacher, Jim Roscoe, with the help of students, built a 3D printer last spring and is now turning out plastic items that can be used in a number of scenarios. The machine melts plastic from a spool to make 3D items. “All the information for this is open source,” Roscoe said. “The … Read more