The New Blasphemy

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There is nothing uglier than a lack of appreciation. And American news viewers can see it every day in the faces of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, and Jim Jordan. In contrast, the police officers that put their lives on the line to protect these scoundrels would do it again because, unlike their ungrateful protectees, the officers sworn to protect the capitol and its inhabitants are principled. January the 6th in 2021 revealed the extent to which almost a third of our national adult population has been snookered.

Most of us can see the difference between an elected representative acting in ways true to their oath, and one that would sink our constitutionally grounded democratic republic to hold on to their form-fitting seats. The participants in the racist riot were chanting many of the right words, while also failing to recognize just how far afoul they had strayed from the principles to which they payed lip service. Their emotion driven pastors believe in their own supposed subject matter expertise within each and every discipline.

Many of these are the same people that railed against moral relativism just a few short years ago. Now they champion it. They thump the King James Bible while justifying their attitudes of white supremacy. They traded their Christian witness for a masquerade long ago. Atheists and secularists point to the pseudo-religious hucksterism together with the way its practitioners parade hypocrisy as a point of pride.

The Trumpeters shouted “Jesus is Lord” while dishonoring almost everything about his exemplary life and teachings. The Jesusonian observation that “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword” is altogether ignored by the fearful hoards that place their faith in kinetic weapons. Love your enemies is hardly apparent in the videos of police being beaten with flagpoles on the capitol steps.

While counterfeit Christians would likely agree, on some cosmetic level, with a Top-40 playlist within the about Jesus genre, they exhibit a reckless indifference to the truth as exemplified by The Way, The Truth, and The Life. And, it appears to those secularists, who would minimize the Jesusonian influence, that people chanting his name have very little regard for the religion of Jesus. A couple of decades ago people within the churches were asking themselves “What would Jesus do.” Now, it seems, such questions are avoided as if they are masks and vaccines.

Modern day deceivers work by selectively amplifying, filtering, and contextualizing facts. And it’s much easier for those intent on building a religion about Jesus to place emphasis on whatever suits them. The militant Jesus is depicted as an out-of-control maniac, ranting in the temple courtyard, while flipping over the money tables. The true Jesus was exhibiting a fatherly affection and was protecting his children from those who made a habit of exploiting the poor while turning the Father’s temple into a den of thieves.

The religion of Jesus is not quite so malleable as the religion about Jesus. Jesus is motivated by true love, not a lust for power. As the Creator Son, he placed high value on our right to be the true arbiters of our own destiny. When he said “I stand at the door and knock,” he also made it clear that he would honor our individual decisions with respect to whether or not we open that door to let him come in.

In contrast, the whited sepulchers of today would usurp the authority of each of us as individuals and our collective will as a great humanity. They have no intention of delivering anything close to fidelity of representation as they prostitute themselves for the inheritors, skimmers, and hoarders of wealth. And they have put their peculiar form of blasphemy center stage as they make a mockery of all things sacred. They have sullied the name of Jesus, as well as The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

The Goebbelian doctrine holds that the truth is the enemy of the big lie and is, therefore, the enemy of the state. Of course our state is not fully persuaded that it should wholeheartedly embrace the lie. There are still sentient beings walking among us. There are those who still hope for a glimmer of statesmanship as they try to see past the political sophistries.

The problem for McConnell, McCarthy, Graham, and Jordan is that the truth never suffers from close examination whereas the lie always gets exposed eventually. While their boisterous constituencies are addicted to the self aggrandizement that always accompanies an exaggerated sense of self importance, there are still people of good will working quietly to improve the human condition. There are two kinds of churches, the ones that lean Luciferian and the ones that are decidedly Jesusonian.

There are also two kinds of democratic republics. There are the ones that are inauthentic and there are the ones that are decidedly authentic. The authentic ones don’t like the kind of politics where “poli” means many and “tics”: means blood sucking parasites. Authentic democracies place a premium on true statesmanship.

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