Vaccines and Iron Poor Blood

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The death cult, that is working so hard to misinform people about the CoVid Vaccine, has promoted a variety of novel conspiracy theories. Among them is the notion that what gets injected is some sort of interface that interacts with all of the 5G towers. Of course, just about any technology can be perverted into a dreadful weapon. Really, if Vladimir wanted to broil your brain with a directed energy weapon mounted on a cell tower, triangulating on the cell phone you’re holding next to your ear would probably get him close enough.

One alleged doctor, continuing in the tradition of Dr. Strangelove, testified in 2021 before the Ohio legislature saying this: “I’m sure you’ve seen these pictures all over the Internet, of people who have had these shots and now they’re magnetized. You can put a key on their forehead and it sticks. They can put spoons and forks all over them and they can stick, because now we think there’s a metal piece to that.”

Maybe this so-called doctor thinks it’s better to have iron poor blood. We oxygenate our tissues by the action of iron within the red blood cells. These carry oxygen to our living cells while also removing the carbon dioxide. Those that insist on thinking like a sea squirts anyway, could probably use an alternative like vanadium to oxygenate and deoxygenate themselves. In any event, most keys are made out of nickel and silver, or brass. Sooo, even if you’re a bit slow due to your iron-deficiency anemia, the chances of someone turning you into a magnetic key rack are pretty low.

One thing is certain. There are excessively prominent politicians that have made the calculation that their constituency is composed mostly of simpletons. These emotionally charged – intellectually stunted hoards are dangerous to any civilized society. But, when their anger and grievance are stoked, while prevaricating politicians cater to their every indulgence, their out of proportion sense of entitlement metastasizes. 

There will always be some part of the general population that remains unteachable. They embrace a counterfeit liberty that is unintelligent, unconditioned, and uncontrolled. Most of us began to balance freedom with responsibility as toddlers. Else we confuse fundamental liberty with taking license. Some never outgrow the childish notion that the rules don’t apply to them. In the context of a pandemic, they are the anti-mask / anti-vax factions that are thwarting any effort to contain a deadly virus. They will not inconvenience themselves to protect the children, their parents, or their grandparents.

Early in the CoVid pandemic, the decision criteria used by public officials to prioritize services spoke volumes. On May 3rd in 2020, Newsweek reported that a California official was ousted after lauding the coronavirus, saying ‘it allows the sick, the old, the injured to die naturally.” According to the Washington Times, this Antioch planning commission member, Ken Tournage II, wrote on his Facebook page that “the World has been introduced to a new phrase “Herd Immunity” which is a good one.” He wrote “In my opinion we need to adopt a Herd Mentality. A herd gathers its ranks, it allows the sick, the old, the injured to meet their natural course in nature.”

In this unguarded moment, Tournage had revealed the values of those sharing his affinity for selective depopulation. He went on to write “Coronovirus is like a forest fire – Burns old trees, fallen brush, shrub sucklings.” According to Fox News, he went on to add, the “homeless and other people who just defile themselves by either choice or mental issues” should also be allowed to perish. This, he said, “would fix what is a significant burden on our society and resources.”

Tournage characterized people with weak immune systems as a drain on society saying they too should be left to meet their “natural course in nature.” The San Francisco Chronicle quoted him as suggesting “we as a species need to move forward with our place on Earth, by reopening society and accepting that the coronavirus will run its course, killing the older and weak.” He added that the deaths would “reduce burdens” on Social Security, health care, jobs and housing

Although Tournage later deleted the post, he refused to resign or back down from his comments. He said “targeting me with repercussion for this is a direct violation of my First Amendment rights. He lamented “It’s not like it used to be, when you could have an opinion, talk about it and then sit down and have a beer together and talk about football.”

The natural world has always achieved its balance through war, famine, and pestilence. But we are not limited to a nature that is, at times beautiful, and at other times brutal. A great humanity should aspire to something higher. Some have proposed renaming the Delta Variant, calling it the Darwin Variant. Perhaps, if people are to slow to reach for life saving vaccines and too selfish to protect others, they should be allowed to reach for some sort of Darwin award. The problem is, they’re taking some of our best and brightest out with them.

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