Creatives Factory

CreativityCreative ways to teach individuals, entertain the masses, express ideas, solve problems, define purposes, and rehearse performances are all among the primary activities of the Creatives Factory. This virtual artist’s colony is composed of people who share one common purpose. To advance the high mission of art is to foreshadow a higher reality, reveal the next growth-step in societal evolution, and underscore the values of light and life.

Creative living is original and initially spontaneous. Faith unshackles the creative imagination for the endowment of mind is far, far greater than that electro-chemical mechanism upon which it rests. Only the inner life is truly creative. Each person chooses between a creativity that is wholly haphazard or controlled, directed, and constructive.

Achieving a unification of contrasts, seeing uniformity within cultural diversity, and hearing the harmony of the whole despite underlying creational differences; these are the coin of the realm within the authentic community of artisans. The characteristics of truely creative individuals include a collaborative inclination.

Creative growth is always satisfying, It is punctuated by goal attainment and new adventures in growth. When the arts serve as signposts of spiritual guidance and progress, they fulfill their true potential in creative and life-giving power.

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