The Jesusonian Era

Pauline Christianity was born at Antioch among the fringe of temple proselytes from which the apostle made the majority of his converts. Paul’s disciples were first called “Christians” at Antioch and Gentiles, who were members of Israelite society, were known as Gerim (strangers or foreigners). The Jewish scriptures emphasized the obligation to welcome such people into the temple.

The Christian Era (CE) has been tumultuous just to the extent its constituents have refused to learn that The Great Commission is exclusively spiritual and not political. The Jews and the early Christians each insisted upon looking for a national deliverer. Even so, while the seed of the Jesusonian Gospel may lie dormant during such a prolonged eclipse, it is still the most powerful idea ever sown upon the earth.

The Jesusonian Era refers to a future time when the Luciferian orgy of darkness and death will give way to light and life, the shackles imposed by retardant forces are thrown off. The excesses of institutionalization and ecclesiastical authority are subordinated, and the great truth expressed through the life and teachings of Jesus is nourished within the most fertile soil we are called to know, the individual hearts of a great humanity.

The Jesusonian Era will be a time when the activities of society: social, cultural, philosophic, cosmic, and spiritual will have grown beyond the sin-stricken, evil-dominated, self-seeking, profit motivated and isolated world to embrace a life of supreme service.

The economic, social, and administrative status of our world will be of a highly perfected order. Science, art, and industry will flourish. Society will work smoothly towards a high material, intellectual, and cultural achievement. Industry will be devoted to serving the higher aims of our civilization. And, our economic life will become ethical.

War will become a matter of history and there will be no need for armies or police forces. Government will gradually disappear. Self-control will render laws of human enactment obsolete. The extent of civil government and statutory regulation will only exist in inverse proportion to the morality and spirituality of our citizenship.

Schools will be vastly improved and devoted to the training of the mind and the expansion of the soul. The art centers will be exquisite and the musical organizations superb. The temples of worship with their associated schools of philosophy and experiential religion will be creations of beauty and grandeur. Open-air arenas of worship assembly will be equally sublime in the simplicity of their artistic appointment.

Provisions for competitive play, humor, and other phases of personal and group achievement will be ample and appropriate. Competitive activities will focus upon the efforts of individuals and groups to excel in the sciences and philosophies of cosmology. Literature and oratory will flourish, and language will be so improved as to be symbolic of concepts as well as to be expressive of ideas. Life will be refreshingly simple for human kind will have, at last co-ordinated a high state of mechanical development together with an inspiring intellectual attainment that has overshadowed both with an exquisite spiritual achievement. The pursuit of happiness will yield an experience of joy and satisfaction.