Creativity Linked to Increased Alpha

Creativity is integral to many aspects of life, from being an effective problem solver to a good artist, but the brain function underlying this important trait is not well understood. A study published in Neuroscience uses EEG (electroencephalogram) technology to explore which brain regions are active during creative thinking. Consider the Source

An Augmentation Ministry

When Jesus gave us a promised helper, the Spirit of Truth, he made it possible for us to enjoy his presence continuously. This gift, from the Way, the Truth, and the Life is fully capable of leading us; along the Way, into all Truth, so that we may enjoy the most abundant Life possible; just … Read more

Restoring Legitimacy – The “American” Corporation

On August the 19th in 2019, Business Roundtable members issued a Statement on The Purpose of a Corporation. In it, the signatories said “While each of our individual companies serves its own corporate purpose, we share a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders.” Among the stakeholders listed were customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders. People, … Read more

Restoring Legitimacy – The United States Supreme Court

On December the 1st in 2021, during oral arguments about a Mississippi abortion case, United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor addressed the court’s politically motivated willingness to abandon precedent and thereby sully the rule of law. She posed a question: “Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the … Read more

Too Poor to Pay Attention

On the streets of Asheville, North Carolina, most major intersections feature weathered individuals who are flying signs that read “Anything Helps!” At the break of each day, the doorsteps of small retail shops host sleeping people who have been conditioned to believe their entire net worth is contained within the knapsack they use for a … Read more

The Truth is Not in Them

While the magalomanic cult that has captured the Republican party feigns reverence for the Way, the Truth, and the Life, it embraces the opposite. A boisterous few have reached a level of discord that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards nailed with the lyric: Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints; As … Read more

Russian Sanctions & Reparations

Vladimir Putin is a criminally insane kleptocrat. He has been enabled in his nefarious deeds by a variety of self-serving sycophants. Many of these amassed fortunes in ways that have consistently worked to the detriment of the Russian people. And now that Putin has engaged in war crimes against an emergent democracy, his enablers are … Read more

Why the UN Intransigence?

On February the 23rd in 2022, Sergiy Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, issued a challenge to the governing body. He said: “Mr. Secretary-General, please instruct the secretariat to distribute among the members of the Security Council and the members of the General Assembly a decision by the Security Council dated December 1991 that … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s Real Motives

While Russia’s leader may surround himself with tacticians, he is by no means a strategist. There is no such thing as a coherent strategy in the absence of a coherent value proposition. And likewise, tactics seldom lead to meaningful victory when divorced from strategic thought. Like so many other kleptocrats, Vladimir Putin is willing to … Read more

Best Hope for the United Nations

On February 23, 2022, the Ambassador of Ukraine issued a challenge to the Secretariat of the United Nations. He was highlighting the way the Russian Federation held, by arbitrary assumption, a seat on the United Nations Security Council after the demise of the Soviet Union. Such short circuiting of due process, within the United Nations, … Read more