Definitions: (1) slyly clever or cunning; crafty; sharp; vulpine; (2) physically attractive <especially in an alluring way>

Balancing Qualities: Trustworthy, Sincere

Quote: No critic and advocate of immutability has ever once managed properly or even marginally to outwit the English language’s capacity for foxy and relentlessly slippery flexibility. For English changes constantly; it grows with an almost exponential joy. It evolves eternally; its words alter their senses and their meanings subtly, slowly, or speedily according to fashion and need. — Simon Winchester (1944-) British-American author & journalist

Symbols: Anthropomorphism: derivation Greek, “human” & “form”
     Note: Many human traits have been named after animals. Some examples are wise as an owl, lazy as a sloth, an eager beaver, sly as a fox …