Definitions: (1) prominent; conspicuous; striking <outstanding courage>; (2) superior or distinct; excellent; wonderful

People Who Exemplify This Quality: Polymaths (Greek: “having learned much,”) A person whose expertise and notable achievements span a significant number of different subject areas [5 to 13+] — such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.
     Great among them are: Leonardo da Vinci {Italian}, Gottfried Leibniz {German}, Mikhail Lomonosov {Russian}, Benjamin Franklin {American}, Shen Kuo {Chinese}, Omar Khayyam {Persian}, Nicolaus Copernicus {Polish}, Emanuel Swedenborg {Swedish}.

Observation: From the earliest epic poem to the most recent story authors tend to demonstrate an outstanding need to resolve tragedy and conflict with righteousness and honor; at minimum a return to stability.