Definitions: (1) prominent; conspicuous; striking <outstanding courage>; (2) superior or distinct; excellent; wonderful

People Who Exemplify This Quality: Polymaths (Greek: “having learned much,”) A person whose expertise and notable achievements span a significant number of different subject areas [4 to 13+] — such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.
     Prominent among them are: Leonardo da Vinci {Italian}, Gottfried Leibniz {German}, Mikhail Lomonosov {Russian}, Benjamin Franklin {American}, Shen Kuo {Chinese}, Omar Khayyam {Persian}, Nicolaus Copernicus {Polish}, Emanuel Swedenborg {Swedish}.

Quote: The outstanding truths of life, the great and unquestioned phenomena of society, are not to be argued away as myths and vagaries when they do not fit within our little molds. If necessary, we must remake the molds. — Benjamin Nathan Cardozo (1870–1938) American lawyer & Supreme Court justice

Observation: From the earliest epic poem to the most recent story authors tend to demonstrate an outstanding need to resolve tragedy and conflict with righteousness and honor; at minimum a return to stability.