Definitions: (1) enduring pain or hardship with fortitude; stamina; (2) having sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own; to put up with; (3) allowing for the possibility something unknown to you is worthy; having forbearance; (4) capacity to continue to grow, or even thrive, when subjected to stressful factors

Compatible Qualities: open-minded, perspicacious

Consequential Quality: friendship

Saying: Intolerance is not tolerated

Quote: While the law cannot force a person to be moral or tolerant, through the law we can demand respect and expect equality. — Donna Lease Brazile (1959-) American political strategist

Reflection: One of the ways we make people less than lovable is to create or believe dehumanizing propaganda about them, i.e., labeling them with vicious names, supporting a prejudice and allowing us to dismiss or to hate.
     Drop the stereotypes. Allow yourself to accept other individuals. Each person is striving just as you are. If they prove themselves to embrace evil, then be cautious when you have to deal with them. It is poison to you if you hate them. Hate the sin but tolerate the sinner.

Admonition: Remember to be tolerant of your own flaws and immaturities. You are always in the process of growth too.