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The Filabot
The Filabot

The Filabot brings a miniature recycling plant to your desktop, grinding down everyday plastic waste and transforming it into ready-to-use material for your 3d printing. Water pipes, drink bottles, plastic wrappers and Lego bricks can be fed into the machine which grinds, melts and extrudes the plastic into a filament of either 3mm or 1.75mm diameters. It can also melt down unused 3D prints, allowing for increased experimentation..
Filabot brings affordability and sustainability to 3D-printing. The debut model is still under development and no official price has been announced. The company will launch a range of machines, at different levels of completion. Users can adapt and develop their own kit – from the Filabot Core (which comes without a grinder), to the open-source Filabot Wee, which users can build from downloadable plans.
The home-manufacturing revolution is well under way. And, thanks to an invention by American college student Tyler McNaney, it’s affordable.
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 Consider the First Source!


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