Spinning 3d Printing

It was only a matter of time before 3d printing technology would produce something that touches all of us every day. The Electroloom 3D printer makes seamless fabric from liquid by using a process known as electrospinning. The team came up with the idea for the Electroloom after working at California Polytechnic State University in … Read more

Color 3D Printing

Mosaic Manufacturing recently made waves with the launch of the Palette, a system for printing multi-colored 3D objects. It prints in multiple colors by cutting snippets of colored filament from different spools and then melting them together inside the device’s plain enclosure. A separate sensor can tell the current filament position and ensures that the … Read more

A 3D-Printed Jet Engine

Researchers at GE recently built a miniature, backpack-sized jet engine that they made entirely from 3D-printed parts. And not just for looks, either. They were able to fire it up and get it moving to 33,000 rpms. The engine was built over the course of several years, using a 3D printing technique that melted thin … Read more

3D Printer Builds 10 Houses in One Day

A Chinese company is using 3D-printed blocks to build cheap and quickly assembled houses as a possible solution to the urgent problem of modernizing housing conditions in Chinese villages. The blocks are made from a mixture of sand, concrete and glass fiber, materials processed from common construction waste, which is pumped layer after layer through … Read more

3d Printing with Carbon Fiber

Material scientists are now using the technology to create new super strong materials that may be used one day in building lightweight, yet powerful, structures. MarkForged announced that it had created a carbon fiber 3D printer. Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology revealed that is has invented a new material that’s lighter than water, yet stronger … Read more

3d Printing Threatens Retail

A report from Gartner says that 3D printing will create debate on ethics and regulation. Furthermore, analysts expect that rapid development of 3D Bioprinters will spark calls to ban the technology for human and non-human use by 2016. 3D bioprinting is the medical application of 3D printing to produce living tissue and organs. It is … Read more

An Elegant 3d Printer Design

The math is a bit trickier. But, hey, at least there are no moving parts to wear out in isomorphism. Whether you’re printing human organs or wall sections for building construction, chances are you’ve spent some time thinking about a gantry system. All things considered, a Rostock based 3d printer inspires through a performance that … Read more

Re-inventing the Wheel

If you’ve never explored the Thingiverse, perhaps the best place to start is with the wheel. This is very highly customizable wheel in the way of an OpenSCAD file with 46 parameters that provides a limitless set of combinations and wheel designs. In addition to the spoke options you see here, ou can select tread designs, … Read more

3D Printing – The First Snort is Free

It’s been selling all of us overpriced ink and toner for decades now, while basically giving its printers away. It plans to do the same thing with 3D printers by making them compatible only with proprietary spools and filaments. HP recently told the press that it has already developed a special polymer that its 3D … Read more