Time to Change Direction?

When you simply don’t have the drive or if you feel you’re on a dead end road, it just may be time for a change. One of the best ways to get motivated is to understand our innermost desires. Some call it taking pride in a job well done. Others think of it as perfection … Read more

Yours for the Striving

When we align our objectives with the Divine will, when we strive for the attainment of a worthy goal, when we begin our work with a well defined plan, and when we have ability to work together with others effectively, we have already achieved the trajectory for success. For we know that “all things work … Read more

Bringing About a High Degree of Economic Justice

In the 1930s, after a prolonged nonviolent struggle, Sweden and Norway “fired” the top 1 percent of people who set the direction for society and thereby created the basis for something different. When the 1 percent was in charge, both countries had a history of horrendous poverty as hundreds of thousands emigrated to avoid starvation. … Read more

Three Types of People to Fire Immediately

When confronted with any of the following three people—and you have found it impossible to change their ways, say goodbye. These people passive-aggressively block innovation from happening and will suck the energy out of any organization. 1. The Victims “I wanted a happy culture. So I fired all the unhappy people.” — A Successful CEO … Read more

Struggling with Europe’s Highest Jobless Rate

Spanish debt has again been in the firing line on financial markets after a review for possible downgrade from credit rating agency Moody’s on Friday. It cited weak growth and hefty regional spending as key challenges for the euro zone’s fourth largest economy. Spain’s prime minister called early elections on Friday, gambling that a summer … Read more

Integrity Drill Down

Ordinary intuitions about integrity tend to allow that integrity is both a formal relation to the self and that it has something to do with acting morally. How these two intuitions can be incorporated into a consistent theory of integrity is not obvious, and most accounts of integrity tend to focus on one of these … Read more

Growing the Cleantech Workforce

Around 100 students are expected to enroll this year in EDGE (Educating and Developing Workers for the Green Economy), a public-private partnership that offers industrial and technical certificate programs in biofuels and biotech production, analysis and processing. EDGE’s first certificate course began in March at MiraCosta community college in northern San Diego County, and a … Read more