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The Distended Belly of Government

Low fat religion spawned legions of processed foods, products with ramped up levels of sugar, and equally dubious sweet substitutes, to compensate for the inevitable loss of taste when fat is removed. The anti-saturated fat dogma gave manufacturers the perfect excuse to wean us off real foods that had sustained us for centuries, now portrayed …

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Companies With Some Products Containing No GMOs

Here is a list of companies who make many or even the majority of all their products without GMOs. This list is provided courtesy of the Non-GMO Project. 365 479 Degrees A. Vogel Adams Vegetable Oils Agrana Agricor Inc. Ah!Laska Alexia Alter Ego Alverado Street Bakery Amande Amelia Among Friend’s Amy’s Kitchen Andalou Naturals Angie’s …

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Vegan? Watch Your Protein Levels.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian with a secret stash of candy, jelly beans or dark chocolate, join the club. A constant craving for carbs with occasional headaches, muscle or joint pain may be due to a slight deficiency of protein. The symptoms of a severe protein deficiency include: Edema (swelling) Thinning brittle hair …

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Know Your Food Containers

Understanding different types of plastics is crucial when making decisions on items for your family and home. Recycling numbers, ranging 1 through 7, are used to specify what type of plastic is contained in an item and in turn how that item may be recycled. They are found inside an M.C. Escher style triangle of …

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Google Brings Nutrition Information to Search

The latest expansion of Google’s Knowledge Graph will make nutrition information more accessible. The new nutrition service is rolling out to those in the U.S. over the next 10 days, Google said. It will be available on desktop and mobile search, but only in English at this point. Google promised to add additional foods, and …

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