The Ascension Experience

The Value of Individual Advancement

That's the Ticket!Your present goal may be the top rung of the company ladder. It could be to climb out of debt. Or, perhaps it’s one of home ownership. In any case, valuable experience is gained along the way. Whether you achieve success or failure, you are constantly banking this experience and, if you are wise, you are also benefitting from the experience of others. After all, making the most of each and every experience is what life is all about. Isn’t it?

True advancement is the interest drawn from your personal experience bank. Most of what occurs in human experience is simply a means to an end. A true relationship? With another person? Well that’s another thing entirely, for such a relationship is an end in itself.

When you choose to direct your endowments into useful and progressive paths of growth, on behalf of others as well as yourself, you have already embarked upon the voyage of ascension. When you are inspired by the truth and enlightened by the facts, you can readily engage a constantly expanding reality through intelligent and conscientious self-direction.

Your personal growth is mostly dependent upon your appreciation of the triune origins of light: physical light, intellectual insight and spirit luminosity. Together these illuminate the path before you. By means of this coherent light, you have the power to unify your understanding of the facts, the meanings and the values you will encounter through the respective domains of science, philosophy, and religion.

Your mind is an endowment. It is far more than that temporal, electrochemical mechanism upon which it is presently mounted. Its only limitation is imposed by you. Progressive transformation is only accomplished in accordance with your decisions. Spirit identification only happens with your co-operative consent. Life is a gift which, in the long run, must be desired.

Your highest and best destiny is determined by the type of ascension you seek. There are cultures that applaud unmitigated selfishness, where the climb is achieved by trampling on the hopes and dreams of others. Then, there are the service motivated. These are the ones who work for a rising tide that will lift all boats. Those who value the spiritual ascension seek what is essential to living the golden rule.

The New Testament writers quote Jesus as saying: “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” Now what do you suppose the term mansion meant during the time of Our Sovereign’s sojourn on earth? The Latin word mansio means “dwelling.” It is an abstract noun derived from the verb manere which means “to dwell.” The intransitive verb “dwell” means to remain for a time, to live as a resident, and to keep the attention directed. Sounds a lot like school, doesn’t it?

Directing one’s attention also sounds like the primary role for the helper Jesus promised. Jesus said: “. . . when He, the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all Truth.” Wow, how does that work? How nice would it be to have a constant companion, with a laser like focus, that can highlight the most precious gems in your thought stream?

Jesus also instructed us to “do the will of the Father in Heaven. Sooo, it would appear from the record, that taking up residence in one of the “many mansions,” while an essential part of our experience, is not the only way to enjoy the transitional culture of a designer universe that exhibits such nurturing infrastructure.

If the goal of universe ascension is to enjoy fellowship with God, we can begin now. Although it may require a certain spiritual bravery. After all, we have to trust that the Spirit Jesus promised is truly capable. If, by faith, we venture beyond the boundaries of this place, the Spirit of Truth will faithfully guide us through the philosophic mazes of this world. At every crossroad along the path of ascension, the Promised Helper will say: “This is the way.”

The intellectual root of moral stamina is fed by faith. The basis of character acquirement is faith. Those who slowly and laboriously make their way upward from the depths of spiritual darkness, do so by faith. Curiosity, adventure, discovery, and the scientific spirit all require faith. To some this world is a “vale of tears.” The person of faith sweeps away the “vale of tears” to see a “vale of soul making” and there witnessess the full fruition of an eternal plan. That plan includes the ascension scheme of human spiritual progression through a Universe of Universes and on to embrace the Cause of Causes, the Source of Sources, the Maker of Makers, the Builder of Builders, the Producer of Producers, the Zero-Hour of Eternity, and the Center of Infinity.

Jesus addressed the ancient Hindu token of the impersonal “It Is,” with an exquisitely personalized response: “I AM” for HE IS a Benevolent Creator, a Loving God.

A science, philosophy, and religion commensurate with the spiritual and intellectual development of today’s humanity sees the out grown notions of a mechanistic and sacrificial theology as the spiritual equivalent of psycho-sclerotic plaque. Faithfulness to Our Loving God is the only plaque buster that is one hundred percent effective. And it works without undesirable side affects.

It has been said: “Faith without works is dead.” Confidence derived from a “faith” that is misplaced can only lead to disappointment. There is no certitude of faith without the true fidelity of faith. All genuine spirit values are rooted in this loyalty aspect of faith. And that faith is vested in a Person, the Father of all personalities. When you are driven by fear, are inclined to wade into the stagnant waters of sin, sacrifice, and atonement, it is high time to remember: only the intelligent love of the child could ever give full satisfaction to the infinite love of The Creator Father!

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