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Cosmology stems from ancient times; an era when science, philosophy, and religion were largely undifferentiated. It is a study of the universe of universes, sometimes termed the multiverse. Our modern understanding of cosmology has resulted in a highly disciplined, trifurcated approach to this field of study. It includes:

Scientific Cosmology (The Creation): The branch of physics and astrophysics that deals with the study of the physical origins and evolution of a universe also includes the study of the nature of an individual universe on its largest scale. In its earliest form it was known as celestial mechanics. It uses the scientific method to understand the origin, evolution and ultimate fate of creation. Like any field of science, physical cosmology involves the formation of theories or hypotheses about the universe which make specific suppositions for phenomena that can be tested with observations. Depending on the outcome of the observations, the theories will need to be abandoned, revised or extended to accommodate the data.

Philosophic Cosmology (The Creator): The philosophical perspective of cosmology is often referred to as the metaphysical. This ancient field of study seeks to draw intuitive conclusions about the nature of the universe, man’s place in the broader scheme of things, and the possibility of meaningful relationships with a supernatural creator. Our planet may be experiencing one haphazard and uncharted plunge into new space, or we may be engaged in an orderly, well-understood, and perfectly controlled processional.

Religious Cosmology (The Creative Potential) : The religious question pre-supposes creation is nurturing infrastructure. The creature/creator relationship of philosophy is supplanted by the love of a child and that of a Divine Parent. The residential universe is a Heavenly Household filled with the music of the spheres. The true value of unbroken communion with Our Creator/Father is revealed through those who create in concert with the Original Composer and his Divine Conductor. Attunement with their first born, serving as the First Violin, insures a harmonious fit and determines the ultimate value of all such works of faith.

The evolutionary technique of Our Father affords us the opportunity to participate, by our decisions, in our own personal development as well as that of the creation as a whole. The scientific quest for understanding relativity involves the factual, philosophic relativity seeks the meaningful, and religious relativity discerns the valuable. This triune approach to garnering truth is perfectly balanced in the same way that a triad chord represents a satisfying resolution.

While any one of the intellectual disciplines in isomorphism may serve the hollow calories of subjective gratification, a combination platter replete with the facts, meanings, and values of all three primary intellectual disciplines, provides a foretaste of higher reality together with a certain objective satisfaction. Religion has often retarded progress by a steadfast refusal step out in faith. Philosophy has faltered when it has failed to properly define itself within the realm of meanings. Science, because of its materal limitations, has been slow to acknowledge the difference between the spiritual endowment of mind and that electro-chemical mechanism upon which it may gently rest.

Only a wholistic cosmology, that honors its origins, has the potential to effectively bridge these gaps. The College of Revealed Cosmology at Ascension University recognizes the ways revealed cosmology delivers like nothing else can. We help to inform your vision by offering inspirational overviews of Spiritual Disciplines that pick up where the Intellectual Diciplines leave off. We highlight viable career paths, both temporal and eternal, as the learner surveys an unbounded landscape dotted with opportunity.
Exploring the Spiritual Disciplines


Understanding the Individual
Devotion to the Familial
Longing for the Universal
Personal Mastery
Healthy Relationships
Divine Beauty
Progressive Altruism
Social Equity
Infinite Goodness
Spiritual Motivation
Harmonious Fellowship
Eternal Truth
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