Batswana Urged to Utilize Assistance Programmes to Improve Food Production

Batswana have been urged to utilize government assistance programmes and venture into food production for the country to be self-sufficient by 2016. Principal Agricultural Engineer, Dirilwe Matoto said despite government efforts to empower Batswana economically, little effort is being done to produce enough food to feed the country. Officiating at a BAGAKGAKGWE horticultural association open day, he expressed concern that Botswana still imports 80% of its vegetable requirements from neighboring countries.

Matoto said a country like Botswana with a small population should be able to sustain itself on food production. He said he was aware of problems encountered by farmers such as shortage of water and advised that: “Where you could be lucky to strike water, I urge you to use it sparingly.” He said the ministry of agriculture is concerned about the supply of low quality materials to irrigation farmers. Matoto advised farmers to seek expert advice before drawing business plans as well as purchasing irrigation equipment.


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