Changi General Hospital’s Rooftop Vegetable Garden Wins Agriculture Award

Changi General Hospital plants vegetables on its rooftop, harvests them and offers them to patients. For its efforts, it has been awarded an Urban Agriculture Achievement Award, given by The Urban Agriculture Network, a regional agriculture group.

The vegetable farm is found right on the rooftop of the hospital. Using the hydroponic method, about 10 kilos of vegetables are harvested daily. Besides green peas, previous harvests include tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

From the rooftop, the fresh vegetables are sent directly to the kitchen for preparation. Larry Khoo, engineer (facilities development) at Changi General Hospital, said, “We’re basically using a dripper to deliver nutrients to our plants. The benefit is that we’re able to achieve faster growth and harvest more tomatoes in a shorter period of time.”

Tooling Up for Hydroponics

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