Divine Definitions: (1) Relative to no other; all others dependent on Him/Her (See Notes:); (2) Free from, and above, any extraneous influence; self-sufficient; (3) Independent in and of Himself; (4) Unconditioned by any standards, causes, or outside circumstances; (5) Not limited or restricted by any other force or control; (6) Pure; perfect; (7) The embodiment of ideal love; (8) Complete; whole; (9) The ultimate actual and potential reality; (10) Unqualified; fundamental; (11) The supreme authority; super-ultimate; (12) Infinitely beyond any other thing or being; unsurpassed
     • God is not male or female; those are human biological designations. I will be using “Him/He.”
     • “God” is the formal [English) word we use to describe the source of all reality.

Reflection: It is appropriate for Absolute to be the first in the alphabetical list of God’s qualities. It can and should be used as a modifier for all other qualities: absolute love, absolute perfection, absolute generosity, etc. Since God is absolute, all of His qualities are also absolute. This means no quality can have any more value than any other: absolute justice has exactly the same value as absolute mercy. No matter how difficult we may think a choice is, to God it is easy. It is beyond us to understand His absolute nature, but He has no difficulty melding and perfectly coordinating anything with any and all other things — no matter if they are material things, mental meanings, spiritual values, persons, or any combination thereof.

Consideration: We may think we know what the word Absolute means, but every time we contemplate it in depth, we find ourselves looking to the only Person who actually is absolute and the meaning expands. Therefore, we grow every time we think of God’s absolute nature and attributes.

Comment: Although God Himself is absolute, He has designed a system of down-steps from the infinite to the finite. There is a vast family of caring individuals from God the Son and God the Spirit on down to the lowliest cherubim. He and the cooperating member of His family (including us) work for everyone’s welfare throughout every stage of existence. He is not separate from His creation. He permeates all levels.

Human Definitions: (1) having or proceeding from accurate knowledge; (2) asserting control; commanding

Balancing Quality: Parental

Too Far: dictatorial

• We all dream dreams of unity, of purity; we all dream that there’s an authoritative voice out there that will explain things, including ourselves. — Junot Diaz (1968-) Dominican-American writer
• Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times. — Martin Luther (1483–1546) German priest & theologian

Symbols: 1) the fist; 2) the hand