Definitions: (1) having full belief; fully assured; certain; (2) relying on oneself; bold

Synonyms:  in the groove, positive, sanguine, sure 

Balancing Qualities: Changeable, Flexible

Compatible Qualities: knowledgeable, understanding

Too Far: arrogant, brash, cocky, smart alecky

• As is our confidence, so is our capacity. — William Hazlitt (1778-1830) English writer
Confidence ignores “No Trespassing” signs. It is as if he doesn’t see them. He is an explorer, committed to following his own direction. He studied mathematics in France and still views his life as a series of experiments. The only limits he respects are his own. He is honest and humble and very funny. After all these years, his sister doesn’t understand why he still ice skates with Doubt. — Janet Ruth Gendler, The Book of Qualities {1984}

Affirmation: By writing out words of confidence you help implant the idea more firmly in your subconscious mind, which then works harder and faster to produce happy results. Affirmations are your strongest confidence-builders. — Catherine Ponder (1927-) The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity {1962}

Comment: In the acquisition of confidence you need at least a bit of success. You have to have some nerve to step out there in the first place to see if and how it works. You also need a bit of failure to overcome, to learn from, so you can go on to what does work. Set up the dynamic of a positive goal. Assess the reality of your current situation, take a look at the intermediate goals and achieve those.

• Confidence is faith in oneself.
You can hold confidence in the one who can keep a secret, a pledge, or a vow.