Definitions: (1) yielding to influence; tractable; (2) capable of responding or conforming to changing or new situations; (3) adaptable physically, emotionally, or mentally

Synonyms: pliable, pliant, supple

Too Far: wishy-washy

• Most moral codes say “either-or” . . . while the universe itself seems to be filled instead with a whole lot of “maybes.” — David Brin (1950-) Earth {1990}
• Humor functions to lessen the shock of the unexpected impact of fact or of truth, rigid unyielding fact and flexible ever-living truth. The mortal personality, never sure as to which will next be encountered, through humor swiftly grasps—sees the point and achieves insight—the unexpected nature of the situation be it fact or be it truth.  (48:4.18) — The Urantia Book {1955}

Reflection: Flexibility can be experienced on many levels. On the physical, a flexible set of muscles helps in your supple and graceful movement. On the intellectual/emotional, flexibility is essential for dealing with the variability of life’s situations and interactions with other people. And spiritually when one acquires a broad and balanced set of positive qualities, flexibility is an inevitable result.

• Prisoners of war who survived first decided to survive and then were flexible enough to do and be whatever it took to survive.
• People have an incredible capacity to juxtapose seemingly impossible concepts in their psyche, such as killing for peace or cheating for success. Be aware of these incongruities and inconsistencies. If you find you are justifying a point of view, you could take that as a clue — you may be forcing a fit.