Definitions: (1) harmonious regularity or steady continuity; (2) conducting oneself in harmony with one’s belief, character, profession, or custom; (3) recognition of value through time

Derivation: Latin, “standing firm or still, existing”

Synonyms: accordant, changeless, consonant 

Balancing Qualities: Concern, Fairness, Tact, High-minded

Too Far: mediocrity
     Note: Qualities, often sacrificed in the name of consistency, are flexibility and individuality. In the attempt to be consistent, individuals as well as institutions can become staid and concrete, resulting in mediocrity and apathy.

Quote: The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image. — Brian Tracy (1944-) Canadian-American motivational speaker

Reflection: You can remain consistent in the midst of continual and inevitable change if you are focused on positive qualities. They always adapt.

Comment: Most people know someone who they call strange or, at best, eccentric. That person may or may not be endearing in an odd sort of way, but if he or she is consistent, then it is easier for others to come to terms with their quirky nature.

Admonition: If you focus and work for good, you will have a dynamic consistency. Take a point of view appropriate, reasonable, and fair in the current situation. Don’t be concerned your view in the present situation appears to be different from your position in a similar but previous situation. Do not fear you will be criticized for promoting a different position in the future. Wisdom dictates you attend to what is right at this time and proceed with poise, honesty, and tact.