Definitions: (1) having foresight and good judgment; sagacious; (2) planning prudently for the future; (3) able to take the long view, prospicient; portentous

• A pilot who sees into the distance will not let his ship capsize. — Amenemope (c. 1100 bc) The Wisdom of Amenemope 26:15-16 {Found 1888; Published 1922}
• The long run is possible only if we consistently take care of the short run. — William H. Calvin (1939-) American theoretical neurophysiologist; The River That Flows Uphill {1986}

Comment: Sometimes you can see farther into the future than others. The farther you see, the greater the difficulty in bridging the gap with your contemporaries. The problem then is that you have no company in your vision. Or worse yet, you are sanctioned because you are politically incorrect. Consider Galileo, who lived in the times of the inquisition. He dared to agree with Copernicus that the sun, and not the earth, was the center of the solar system. Galileo faced the torture of the rack and decided to disavow his “blasphemous” claim. He lived out the rest of his life under house arrest. New ideas can be dangerous to established creeds.

Observation: Veronica Seider (1951-2013) had a visual acuity measured at 20/2 (twenty times better than normal). She could recognize individuals from a distance of one mile as well as identify an object of micro-level size. — Guinness Book of World Records {1972}

Symbol: a telescope