Divine Definitions: (1) The non-personal side of Deity; (2) The unlimited, primal, original, and precursor aspects of Divinity from which power, energy, and matter emerge; (3) Holding and controlling all power, energy, and strength in check.

• May The Force be with you. — George Lucas (1944-) Star Wars {1977}
• The absolute truth abides forever, whether enlightenment appears in the world or not. — Buddhism, Lankavatara Sutra 61 {3rd Century}

Observation: All the stars and the tiniest atom all obey the Force.

Comment: God’s force and power are always in control, always acting with the best interest of all involved. They are governed by goodness and distributed with fairness. He has no reason or will to force or coerce anyone to do anything.

Human Definitions: (1) acting with power or full of energy; vigorous; (2) effective; cogent; telling

Balancing Qualities: This quality is best in combination. It needs always to be balanced with a range of other qualities depending on the circumstances. As a parental disciplinarian you need to be forceful yet tender. A person in a potentially threatening situation needs to be forceful and prudent. In a rough and tumble game the combination would be forceful and playful.

Too Far: bully, insensitive

Quote: Persuasiveness is really just about getting your ideas across without being forceful. It’s a skill that can be learned and is useful for anyone who works in a team environment. — Amanda de Cadenet (1972-) British photographer & author