Definitions: (1) commonly liked, approved of, or admired; (2) having many friends; well-known; (3) suited to or pleasing to the intelligence or taste of the target audience

Synonyms: beloved, fashionable, favorite, savoir-faire

Balancing Qualities: Decent, Discreet, Gentle, Gracious, Modest

Compatible Qualities: humorous, mannerly, quick-witted, tactful

Parental Qualities: confident, friendly, personable

Familial Qualities: agreeable, charming, cool, interesting, kind

Consequential Qualities: charisma, communicative, leadership

• You know what you are attracted to. Let those aspects of yourself shine through as you live your life. Focus first on the qualities you have naturally, then expand your repertoire of qualities.
• Decide who it is important to be popular with. Associate with people with whom you can feel comfortable. To be accepted by some people is not worth your effort. If they will accept you only if you take negative actions, don’t bother with them. Don’t forget common sense. Get yourself out of a bad situation before you get into it. You decide what and who you should be, not what they want you to be.
• Popularity is often being able to fit in with the structure, rules, and circumstances of the group. Therefore, be astute in measuring what is required – or ask. And pick the right group.

• Am I nice to be around?
• Do I have the tendency to hide or shade my best qualities because I believe it would not be popular to show them?
     Note: Go ahead and exhibit yourself. As you do, you will acquire the finesse to be yourself with an acceptable attitude.