1 — Foundation (Educational)

F Educational Foundation: Establisher

As the first cornerstone in FACT, the Foundation will highlight the relationship emphasis and the balanced perspective contained in the original Gospel of Jesus. It will extend this essential truth as a Grand Parable (GP) wherever possible and across the Ascension University through a College of Revealed Cosmology (CRC (www.RevealedCosmology.org)). This collegial host is to become the home of the GP projects and focus groups while supporting their content and context management mandates. The Foundation will emphasize love as the primary motivational FACTOR within the context of the AEVIA focus on individual advancement. It will form the footings and build the supporting layer of superstructure in establishing, founding, instituting, and ordaining for permanence the Ascension University while also supporting its spiritual, intellectual and practical mission. This entity will also foster certain Foundation Sponsored Initiatives (FSIs) as appropriate.

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