Post Script (PS)

LoveSongsLogo-WebThe primary flavors of Aevia’s Post Script information ministry have been developed along a hierarchy of human need. They are manifest as three categories within the Ascension Cafe web-log as subject matter that includes Practical Shelter, Practical Strivings, and Practical Sustenance. The essential curriculum of Ascension University is continually informed by the efforts of our Contributors here on Ascension Cafe. This particular ministry is an easy way, and a good way to make a big difference, locally and globally, in the area of food, housing, and job security. We’re always looking for those spiritually fragrant souls that have a big heart for service. If you’re one of those people, we hope you’ll drop us a line. Helping people to make the right choices is simply the best way to promote individual advancement. It’s also a nice way to send a message to a great humanity, especially since that message is PS: I love you!

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