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New Luminosity

“When he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13)


The Gospel of Jesus is the one taught by Jesus and his Apostles as they worked together during the time of our Master’s sojourn in the flesh. It emphasized the great truth that the Kingdom of God resides within us,  just as God has chosen to take up residence in the minds and hearts of those who have the capacity to appreciate his presence. Jesus described the personal relationship with God, not merely as one of creator to creature, but as that of a loving parent with a child.

We experience a new luminosity just as we are born of the Spirit into our larger family. This collection of works by Enthusiasts within the Jesusonian Fellowship is just a sample from the larger conversation we are having in the hope that a new revelation of Jesus will conquer an empire of materialistic secularism and overthrow the world sway of mechanistic naturalism.


Cover: Your Evolving SoulIn those unusual cases in which “spirit” is sharply defined in Western scriptures or teachings and distinguished from the soul, it refers to an otherworldly entity or pre-existent “divine spark” that abides within us as a gift from a higher being. In ancient times many Gnostic sects posited an indwelling pneuma that was trapped in the physical world, but perhaps the purest version of this notion emerges much later in liberal Quakerism, with its teaching of the “inward light,” re-baptized in the late nineteenth century as the “inner light” by the popular Quaker writer Rufus Jones. By some interpretations, it may also be said that traditional Chinese religion distinguished soul from the spirit, as yang and yin. The Egyptians at times distinguished the ka and the ba; the soul (ba) was not usually believed to be pre-existent, only the ka. The Egyptian Book of the Dead describes the judgment and then ascent of the ba into the next world without requiring a return to earth—a primitive version of our concept of an ascending personal soul.    — Byron Belitsos

Consider the Source



Curriculum Focus – Keynote Addresses

This collection includes the first seven Keynote Addresses, given by the Aevia Group’s Founder and Lead Trustee, to inspire the building of a next generation university in tandem with a benevolent ministry.

Seed Bearing Fruit – The Original Food Drop

Deep Abiding Devotion

Introducing Your Thesis Advisor

Heaven Abides Personally

The Master Experience Key

A Ministry of Mercy

Working the Net as Fishers of Men


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Acquisquishin’ (Excerpt)

Excerpt from Gabriel versus Lucifer At this juncture we should pause to again consider the “consent of the governed.” Did the governed ever consent to the influence big business exerts within government? When consumers buy products, should they consider how their suppliers use profits” When investors fund companies, should they take the company’s performance, with …

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C.S. Lewis (Excerpt)

Recall the testimony of C.S. Lewis and specifically the Whit-Sunday sermon that he preached at Mansfield College Chapel in Oxford. He gave this address the title “Transposition” as he worked to illustrate what we know as the sub-spiritual disadvantage in comprehending the Spiritual. I quote the lecturer; “If the richer system is to be represented …

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J.V. Atanasoff (Excerpt)

Can a study of the physical universe reveal things spiritual by analogy? Let’s take a look at an example that may be useful. On Earth, in the late 20th century, a trial took place on the Western Hemisphere to determine the actual inventor of the electronic digital computer. A United States District Court found that …

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The Gospel

Language Studies in Light of the Gospel

Irreconcilable Differences? Upon the exercise of creative imagination, primitive man developed language. It has evolved through gestures, signs, cries, imitative sounds, intonation, and accent, to the vocalization reflected by alphabets. Language is human kind’s greatest and most serviceable thinking tool. Today there is a need for greater emphasis on linguistic development as it serves to facilitate the expression …

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The Light Maestro

Physical Light — Intellectual Insight — Spirit Luminosity The primary focus of our Light Maestro forum includes the practical application of light in all forms for the benefit of humankind. Our appreciation for the beauty inherent to illumination can only serve to heighten and brighten our understanding of how physical and spiritual light workers have evolved, …

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