Definitions: (1) willing to follow advice; open to suggestion; (2) responsible or answerable; accountable

Derivation: Latin, “to drive (animals).” By late 16th century morphed into “liable to answer truthfully.”

Synonyms: obedient, responsive, submissive, subservient, tractable

Quote: It’s worth noting that invoking God as the entity who set our universe in motion isn’t contradicted by the data. Of course, scientists would say the Supreme Being hypothesis is faith, and outside the realm of science – that it’s not amenable to experiment. But we currently have the same problem with the notion of parallel universes. — Seth Shostak (1943-) American astronomer

Comment: When you ask a question, you learn very early that you may not like the answer. Later in life you may not want to ask the question if you are not amenable to the answer. But if you are genuinely honest and curious you just may ask another question.