Definitions: (1) possessing an easy manner; informal; (2) free from or relieved of tension or anxiety

See also: Rejuvenative

Too Far: lax, lazy

Saying: En pantoufles (French): “In slippers” [at ease, informal]


The Quick Crisis Escape

There are situations in which you find yourself overloaded. You are tense, uncomfortable, and wishing you could just be someplace else, or at least in a more relaxed state, but you can’t. It could be a test at school, an important game, or a business group’s report is due. Neither your fight nor flight mechanisms are appropriate. The only thing left is flow. You don’t have time for your usual, tried and true relaxation method, but you’ve just got to cool out.

Here’s what you do. First, you don’t get anything for free. There is some preparation necessary. So, you condition yourself to be momentarily, and quickly, transported to a special inner place of peace and strength. While you are there, you trigger an intensely positive, and thus relaxing, experience focused into a few very powerful moments. It is best to use a real historical event in a very exceptional place. When you do have the time, enhance the experience to keep it fresh with regular practice. As you re-experience this wonderfully uplifting place, you are creating an “energy gem” – a feeling you can release with full clarity and force on a designated clue. This gem is packed with sharp, familiar information encompassing all six of senses. The more complete your inner experience, the more intense will be its release.

It is important the external environment of your special place be very satisfactory, but also it must include a rich internal landscape. Feel your true and most valuable qualities. And, depending upon the situation, incorporate a prime quality that would be just right to infuse into the environment at hand. You know your wants and desires. You know when you are comfortable and happy. Use these criteria as friends. Bring them back with you into even the most difficult situations.

Connect the release to a common physical and socially acceptable action: going to the restroom, rubbing your eyes or the back of your neck, stretching, or a few deep breaths. It is best if you can close your eyes for at least a few seconds, to close down all external information and release the internal experience into your being. This is no luxurious soak; it is a sudden wave. Your body, mind, and spirit will be fooled into staying where you have just been. The people around you need not know you just took a delightful and powerful little trip.

Observation: Things To Help Relaxation

• Cuddles

• Massage

• Flotation

• Laughter

• Hot water

• Being in a safe situation

• A diversion – something familiar

• A diversion – something different

• Being with somebody you like and are comfortable with

Colors: blue, turquoise, violet