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The Ascension Cafe is a friendly place for topical conversations. We invite everyone to participate in these ongoing conversations. Comments that further a discussion along topical lines will be approved by our moderators as soon as possible. Statements of a more general nature, while often appreciated, will usually not be added.

Post Script is maintained by the curricular focus teams of The Aevia Group and The Ascension University in an unrefined form. This information is usually considered to be of some actual or potential value by those team members developing curriculum or otherwise working to enhance the food, housing and employment security of a great humanity.

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Post Script (PS)

The primary flavors of Aevia’s Post Script information ministry have been developed along a hierarchy of human need. They are manifest as three categories within the Ascension Cafe web-log as subject matter that includes Practical Shelter, Practical Strivings, and Practical Sustenance. The essential curriculum of Ascension University is continually informed by the efforts of our Contributors here on Ascension …

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