The Light Maestro

Physical Light — Intellectual Insight — Spirit Luminosity

The primary focus of our Light Maestro forum includes the practical application of light in all forms for the benefit of humankind. Our appreciation for the beauty inherent to illumination can only serve to heighten and brighten our understanding of how physical and spiritual light workers have evolved, and continue to develop, as artisans.

From the painter who actively engages in selective reflection, to the gaffer who lights a stage, artists have steadily progressed with respect to both technique and execution. From the colorimetry component of fine photography, to the tristimulus values that best support photosynthesis, the fine tuning and blending that occurs within the visible spectrum is the work of light maestros operating within the physical domain.

The conceptual frameworks and the a-ha moments, that occur within the arena of the human mind, clearly demonstrate how this intellectual medium negotiates the physical and spiritual — the total reality in which we live. The light maestros that maintain a curricular focus cover a range of imperatives essential to growth. They serve to educate, facilitate, and promulgate along lines of exacting precision for the benefit of all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Finally, the unifying and coordinating qualities inherent to our high calling are best seen within the context of a new luminosity. Truth, beauty, and goodness are like a drawstring that gathers the most appreciative among the masses. Those responsive to such qualities are clearly the cream of the crop, the power behind the pop, and deliberately  en-route to the very top. The light maestros that address the needs of these ascension candidates constantly work to amend that soil which fosters spiritual growth.

It is the Light Maestro that highlights the ascension experience while reflecting upon our world’s forthcoming era of light and life, while conversing with the visitors to Ascension Cafe, and while building the nurturing infrastructure and the authentic community of Ascension University.

The main avenues for service include:

  • The Aevia Institutes
  • The School for Service to All
  • The College of Revealed Cosmology

These initiatives are the primary components of Ascension University. They correlate to those practical disciplines essential to our entrepreneurial commission, the intellectual disciplines inherent to our ministerial association, and the spiritual disciplines that inspire our educational foundation. A maestro is, first and foremost, a teacher.  Our teachers are light-loving (photophilous) individuals who favor the symphonic effect of total reality.

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