Definitions: (1) expressing love, confidence, happiness, and joy; (2) beaming <a radiant smile>; (3) feeling vitality and well-being; (4) emitting light; shining brightly

Quote: The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations – each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy, bound together by cosmic harmony. — Ruth Bernhard (1905– 2006) German-born American photographer

• Do not forget, radiance has a source. We see and feel a person’s light and call it radiance. But within their soul is the source of the joy which cannot be confined to a small human shape. Love emanates.
Quantitative matter, no matter a sun or an atom, radiate energy and seek entropy (degradation of energy). Qualitative elements work with an anti-entropic physics. They gain energy; they grow. The more spiritual energy you radiate the more you have to give.